block model not display

Jade Young 12 months ago in Geology updated by Stepan (Moderator (RUS)) 12 months ago 4

new block model not showing up, but all other old block models can display nomoly

Image 3776

Image 3777Image 3778Image 3779

This is a daft question, but we are talking about the block model you have ticked to display in vizex and not one of the unticked ones? (I've done it before)

Next up I would refresh the block model by right clicking on it in the layer display. If you have imported the block model from a 3rd party you might want to run a block model validate. 

The other thing that I would suggest to make life easier is to use a colour set on the forground, rather than a hatch set. 

Another thing to check - make sure you are not in a clipped view. Then right click on the block model name in the vizex layer display and select View Selection. I see that the Vizex in your picture is centred a bit too far to the east.

I notice that you are not using the latest version (2021.5 Service Pack 3 build 331 is available for download). Also, it would be worth checking your graphics is setup correctly, Block Model display uses some advanced graphics and will need the proper graphics driver installed and configured correctly.

If more troubleshooting is required would suggest to reach out directly to Micromine Support

Hello Jade.

What version did you use when creating this BM?

Is it the same version as the previous block models that are displayed?

Could you take a screenshot of the window Modify Structure and upload it here?