Convert Imperial to Metric

Michelle Stokes 1 year ago in General updated 1 year ago 3

I am on my first Imperial project (our poor US friends...), and we need to convert to metric. Are there any resources I can get to, without having to scrape the brains of my survey consultants? It's in California, US.

by 'resources' do you mean within MM or outside? 

by 'convert' do you mean the project uses are using PLSS coords? If so you can look at 

I had to use this +5 yr ago for Colorado to convert tenements, polygons etc to UTM . Works ok.

MM does have a Coord System Convertor and uses EPSG or Local - have you tried that?

other GIS programs like MapInfo and QGIS may be a an option as well to  convert local XY feet/yard grids to metric EPSG

OK, thanks. I'll try that link. I seem to be missing some of those options in MM for conversions, so I think I need to update my files. I remember doing it a while ago, so should be able to cope with that part. I have various data sets, most in MM now. I need to check the originating data but assuming PLSS for most, local grid for some. I'll come back to you if I have more issues. 

Found the problem. It was a glitch in my setup. Thanks.