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Scott 1 year ago in Vizex updated by Richard Siddle 1 year ago 3

Guys I'm trying to do a Data Merge from a DH_Lithology_ file to a DH Assay table.

The Lith file has different From To compared to the sample file which is 1m intervaIs.

I need to get the Lith code value populated into the Sample Files corresponding interval ie if the Lith from to is 5.1 - 15 m I need the Lith code from there to populate the sample table form 5m all the way to 15m with the Lith value.

Can this be done as im not having much luck with the various options.

better create a overlap table to map these 2 intervals like :

Column | Datatype | Computed value
PROJECT | nvarchar(16) |
SITE_ID | nvarchar(50) |
SAMPLE_ID | nvarchar(50) |
Depth_From | decimal |
Depth_To | decimal |
GeolFrom | decimal |
GeolTo | decimal |
RELOGGED | int |

fill the data by daily job.

Have you tried:


Source A = Assay

Source B= Lith

Intervals From A (FULL)

Character Fields DOMINANT

Hi Scott, Drillhole Interval Compositing will do what you want as described above. You might find, Drillhole, Data, Merge Drillholes useful too. This has the advantage of Merging only select fields so it keeps your Assay file neater. 

Source file: Lithology File

Target: Assay file

Merge fields: Any fields you want to merge

Match: Longest