Transforming elevations

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Anyone have a solution for transforming elevations between coordinate systems?  I have converted wireframes from a local mine grid to GDA94.  The local mine datum has an RL of 1200m.  This is actually 190m in GDA space.  However I can't work out how to adjust the RL's when setting up the 2-point transformation between the grids.


When RL shift is a simple mathematical change I just use the Move (shift) wireframe option and use Z only (-1010m in your case)... would that work?

Thanks for the response.  That would be a quick and simple solution.  However I don't have the wireframing module so am trying to convert existing wireframes.  If there is some other way of moving the wireframe then that will do.



Oh, in that case, this works also (and I assume you can do this without the wireframing option...). Export the wireframe to Micromine triangles and points files...

Then remove the vertical shift from the point file...

Then import the wireframe back into the wireframe database

Hope you can do that without the wireframes module...

Thank you Ronald,

Followed your guide exactly and it worked a treat.  Haven't played with triangle files and the like so your expert help is much appreciated.


@ronald reid  Thank you for the good and detailed response in this thread !