Creating lithoogy hatch set

Minerlad 1 year ago in Geology updated by Zaymon 1 year ago 1

Hi there,

I am trying to set up hatch patterns for Lithology in MM.

How do I select multiple lithologies to group them based on characteristics?

I want to creat multiple lines in the hatch set obviously.

Is there a way to select groups then go back and select units for a new line?

Whenever I hit assign it removes any previous selection already assigned

Image 3529


You can group by codes like in the figure below using the " | " character and create the lines yourself without using the 

If you want to use assign, it does clear the form every time. Note that you can Ctrl C and Ctrl V the columns on the form. So what you can do is save your form first. Then generate the new line based on the specific characteristic, select all the columns and rows, press copy. Reload your saved form. Add a new line at the end. Press paste. It should paste the hatch items.