Create wireframe from surface string

Minerlad 1 year ago in Mining updated by ronald reid 1 year ago 1

Hi there,

I am trying to create a wirefram for an interpreted fault from historic data.

I have a digitised string file and a general idea of strike and dip from historic data.

How do i create a wireframe using the string file. Am i then able to edit the string with the structural data?


The easiest way is to use the fault modelling option under the Implicit Modelling menu, you specify the string file trace as an input (must have a dip and dip-direction field) and the structural data is entered as extra control points/structures (they must sit on the fault plane). If you do not have the IM module you will have to copy the surface string down at the general dip and dip direction and wireframe the two together. There are also options like New plane from Points which allows you to create a plane from 1 or more points constrained by a polygon which might also help. The easiest way however is definitely using the IM fault modelling option which allows you to do exactly what you ask.