Windows 11 Operating System Compatibility

canpulat hatko 2 years ago in General updated by Scott P (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 1

Dear Micromine Team,

As Microsoft has started providing an upgrade of its operating system to Windows 11, it would be much appreciated if you could advise the Micromine community on potential compatibility pros and cons in detail. The system requirement page also does not mention this future upgrade. Cheers.

The Micromine team have been testing Windows 11 internally for several months now to ensure that Micromine Origin & Beyond works as expected and that Windows 11 is a suitable environment for our products.

So far we have not detected any compatibility problems, and Microsoft appear to have fix many bugs and performance issues in recent updates.

In the recent release of Micromine Origin & Beyond 2022 we also made some improvements to ensure that MMOB could adopt the new visual style of the rounded windows used in Windows 11.

At this stage we would still continue to officially recommend Windows 10 until Windows 11 is more mature. In the meantime we will soon update our system requirements page noting the compatibility with Windows 11.

As Windows 11 appear to be primarily a UI upgrade and shares most of the same foundations as Windows 10, it does not appear to be a compelling reason to upgrade (yet) unless the new look and feel is a style you like. The are multiple recent reviews online that detail the pros and cons of the upgrade..