Exported Excel data is not rounded

Steve 2 years ago in General updated 2 years ago 4

I have a field, DTM_RL, in a collar file into which I write DTM Z values (elevation) and I then export the file to Excel. In Micromine the values in DTM_RL are rounded correctly to 2 decimal places, but in the exported Excel file they have 12 decimal places. I would expect the exported Excel data to have the same rounding as the DAT file in Micromine - is that not so?

This is what I'm doing: I create the field DTM_RL  as Real/Decimal with 2 decimal places using File>Modify in Micromine. I then write DTM Z values to the field using DTM>Generate Z values and export the collar file to Excel. 


I know the problem, I have long found it frustrating.  My solution, use cut and paste it will retain decimals and even better significant figures.

Make the field a Numeric field rather than Real.  I think you'll find it will then export with the specified decimal places.  Real type fields store data as double precision numbers (I think) and the number fo decimals you specify in MM only affects how many decimals are displayed when viewing/editing in MM, not the decimals actually stored.

REAL fields store in full precision and we attempt to maintain the full precision as much as possible during export. We are currently looking at ways to improve the excel export that will also set the decimal format (while maintaining the full precision underneath).

A mentioned NUMERIC/CHARACTER field stores as text, so you get what is displayed. 

Changing the field type to Numeric has worked! Thanks for your help everyone.