Discrepancy with Collar co-ordinates

JohnC 2 years ago in Geology updated 2 years ago 4


Noticed a discrepancy between the collar input file and the collar co-ordinates showing on the Vizex display under data properties. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening? Thanks.

Image 3276

Image 3275

Is your dhdb referring to the wrong collar file?  Looks to me like it's referring to planned collars (values displayed in properties pane) whereas the collar table you show is actuals judging by decimal places.

Hi John, maybe you can try this "modify structure"


Seems like the details in the Visex properties image are the details for Hole HUB15 in the collar file, not HUB16 (even though the hole ID says HUB16).  Almost as if the Properties query is referencing the wrong row in the collar table - MM coding error where the query references row 1 as a start rather than row 0??. Looks like a bug.

Thanks all, I've re-created the DHDB and seems to be all working fine now, so must have been a bug in the original DHDB. Thanks for the fast replies.