Import a Minesight block model

Gary Brabham 1 year ago in Resource Estimation updated by Paul Hooykaas (Moderator (AUS)) 1 year ago 3

Can anyone tell me how to import a Minesight block model?  Seems to comprise two .dat files - one seems to be some header or index information, the other the blocks.

Hi! there is no direct Minesight block model import, you need to use common formats like text formats.Do you have ability to export block model to text from Minesight? 

Okay thanks, bummer.  I do know someone that can export the model to csv for me.


Gary, As Evgeniya mentioned, there is no dedicated MineSight import. But if you can view the files in a Text editor, and you are prepared to send me the files, I am willing to take a look if there is some way to import.  paul@micromine.com