Draping Satellite Image on DTM

dm! 2 years ago in Vizex updated 2 years ago 5

I am trying to drape a satellite image on DTM, without success. 

Is there a maximum size for an image? I have tried JPG and TIF formats. It is ~20,000 X 8,000 pixels, I have tried downsampling by 50% and then to 25% of original size. Still will not display. 

I am able to drape other images - geochem/geophys on the DTM I am using, so my guess is the problem is with the image.

What is optimal raster format and resolution?

Wich Micromine Origin and Beyond version do you use? 

Version 2022 (

Tried the same files in Version2021.5 (21.5.319.2)

and draping works using both jpg and tif files full resolution



This is a known bug in the release version of Micromine 2022. Please upgrade to the latest version (Service Pack 1) and this issue should be resolved for you. 



thankyou. I did check for updates yesterday, must have been just before the service pack was posted.