assign wireframe attribute to drillhole database

dm! 2 years ago in General updated 2 years ago 2

I'm trying to work out how to assign attributes to files in my drillhole database, examples;

- drillholes in an area that has been mined, add a flag to the assay file for intervals above the current surface

- add a code from a modelled wireframe solid of a geological domain to an interval file

- oxidation surfaces, designed pit shells etc

I am sure I have done this quite easily in the past but seem to have forgotten how.

The only way I can see to do it is to write 3D coordinates to the interval file and assign it to the file, then assign wireframe to the .DAT file and  then refresh database. 

Is there a more simple way, using the DHDB?


What you described is the best way to do this workflow. Add XYZ coordinates to the interval file and then use assign.