Plot several Section+ plan with macros

Mahamadou Ndji Coulibaly 2 years ago in General updated by Sawyer Schrader 2 years ago 4

Hi all

does anybody know how to maintain plan view reflecting section location  when printing with macros? I have a macros to print section + plan but the plan view does not reflect the hole location on section. i use mircomine 2021

Maybe you forgot to check the check boxes in your plan map properties.

I select use the "reference plot" parameter. The problem is when i run the macros the plan view show holes 100m at least away the right location on the section. i seems the plan wiew work but not correctly.

May be there is something wrong with the macros

HI Mahamadou,

Are you changing the location of the section data when you replot? You may want the "Retain Scale" and "Retain Centre" boxes unchecked and to remove the values from the macro as well. This will allow the scale and centre to recalculate each time the section changes. Using the retain options forces is to stay in the same place each time. 

If your data is not changing between plots and it is just loading in the incorrect spot, can you pan the data in the frame of the PTX to get to the centre you are looking for?