can we set the key to do the same thing

linmiao 2 years ago in Mining updated 2 years ago 5

我们能实现通过按 空格键 实现重复上一个命令吗?

Can we repeat the previous command by pressing the space key


If I want to use the command I just used again, just repeat the previous command,

can we just press the space key

Hi linmiao.

In Micromine you can use the right mouse button and there Recent

The most recent function will be at the top.

Thank you ,I know it but it's not I want because it's not efficient for me


The recent command list is also shown in the Command Search.

Ctrl+Q + Enter is kind of a short cut that will run the last (if the mouse is not in the area of the Command Search popup)

Note that Spacebar is a special AutoCAD hotkey, and would not be possible in Micromine due to various technical reasons.

Thank you scott ! it is AutoCad hotkey ,this is the key point .I think it is very efficient for me ,so I would like micromine can do it ,It will be very good for actual work ,as many job work design is so repeatly

"ctr +Q+enter" is not good for hand  because the right hand need hold mouse and the left hand can't to click "ctrl +Q+enter"very efficiently ,I would like you try it .Thank you for your reply!