Drillhole from collar

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Hi all,

Just trying to create lines of drill holes 'from the collar' option. I create one drill hole and can easily extend these vertically down to a set spacing (100m). How do I then set a spacing of holes 100m to the left or right of the original line?

Also, will I need to create a drillhole DB to save the planned holes and export the data to excel?


Hi James,

Sounds like you need the Drillhole > Pattern, function. 

Pictured here from MM2021, but I believe it had similar function in earlier versions.   You can define an evenly spaced grid of drillholes, restricted them to a polygon if you need, and generate the collar file and assign to a DHDB at the same time.

Hi Jonathon,

I tried this function already but not getting any data to display after setting all the required fields and running it. The holes are random somewhat, i.e. following tracks as well as grid patterns. Is it possible to extend holes left and right using the new drillholes from collar option? It's simple to set them vertically but for some reason doesn't seem to allow holes to be repeated horizontally?



When you say extend holes, do you mean add more holes (either on the same section, or on adjacent sections)?  

The Drillholes From Collar (straight or curved) functions are manual tools to point and click where you want a hole collar to be.  Therefore you have to manually check you are placing your holes at the correct spacing to achieve the drill spacing you want.  The Pattern tool I mentioned above takes this manual aspect out of it, and you could always go in afterwards to tweak the positions.

Just to be clear, the Drillholes from Collar tool is just creating a set of strings, initially.  That is why you need an active string layer to save them to.  What this means is that you can use all of the normal string functionality on these planned drill strings. 

So say for example, what I think you are asking, is that you cut a section with the vizex section tool, and on that section you plot the drillholes you want using the -from Collar tool.  What you can then do afterwards is select the strings (/drillholes) that have been created and use the String "Copy/Move" tool to make copies of them. Here they are shown in plan view, with the planned holes having an azimuth of ~135.

With this function you could then copy them 100m away along strike, or if you want five new sections, use the Replicate option. With "distance" being the spacing between drill sections.


Below is the resulting strings that are produced. 

You would then need to manually rename the strings to whatever planned HoleIDs you want, before running the "Create Collar/Survey Files" function, which will take your string and produce a Collar and Survey file which can be added to a Micromine DHDB in order to display as real MM drill traces.