Find duplicates

Michael P 3 years ago in Geology updated 3 years ago 2

Ever since 2020.5 this process does weird things. Like I find duplicates on SAMPLE_ID in a lab file but have to first filter out the QAQC  samples. Even when you just flag duplicates it erases the filtered QAQC records

It's a bit unclear without more context but I believe the duplicate process you are using creates a new file with a list of unique records.

So if you have filtered out your QAQC in the first file they wont show up the new file and will appear 'erased'?

No It never did in version 2020. If I filter out QAQC samples and look for sample duplicates on sample_id and ask it to flag them and keep input file and output the same it should not delete filtered records. It should just flag the duplicates.

I have rechecked and tested it in 2020 and 2021  as well as 2020.5 versions. The problem started with 2020.5 version