Gary Brabham 3 years ago in Resource Estimation updated by Stepan (Moderator (RUS)) 3 years ago 1

I have an MIK (proportions) model with 12.5 x 25 x 5 metre panels.  I want to reblock it to 8 x 16 x 5 metre panels with a new custom origin centroid (in x-y, not z).  Can anyone tell me how do do that?

Hi Gary!

You can use a function Modelling | Block Model Tools| Reblock

In Block size options you can indicate a new block size.

An Output file will be temporary.

Also, don't forget about Numeric Exceptions.

Then you must optimize the temporary BM with a function Modelling | Block Model Tools| Optimise.

You can use Key fields, in the input file are used to determine which sub-blocks will be optimized, given that they come from the same parent cell. Only those sub-blocks which belong to the same parent cell and which share the same key field values can be optimized.

Also, don't forget about Numeric Exceptions.

Then you will receive a block model with new block sizes.