Micromine is sometimes hanging on startup

Stepan (Moderator (RUS)) 3 years ago in General 0

Hi all!

In this topic, I want to make out for you the question of Micromine hanging at startup.

If you use 2 monitors and when you start Micromine on one of them everything happens successfully, and on the second, Micromine hangs, then here you will find a solution.

The reason is the application or services related to Nahimic (this application and services for audio drivers).
This error is due to the interaction of Nahimic and other 3D applications that use OpenGL.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:
1) If you have installed the Nahimic 2 or Nahimic 3 application (often it is installed by default on MSI laptops and some other manufacturers of gaming laptops), then you can remove it.

2) If you do not want to delete this application or you do not have it, but there are NahimicService services, then follow these steps:
Locate the BlackApps.dat file, presumably, it is located in a folder (depending on the manufacturer of your computer):


Image 2614

Open the BlackApps.dat file using notepad (using administrator rights), add the line mmwin.exe

Image 2615

Save the file and close it.

After these steps, Nahimic services will not conflict when you open Micromine in the secondary monitor.

Please contact if you have any questions, we will help you!