Describe your data

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 4 years ago in News 0

Micromine DATA files can store a huge variety of data. But with many different fields in a typical DATA file, how do you know which fields are names, grades, counters, or indices?

For example, here’s a typical assay file with fields that are a mixture of alphanumeric names, numbers and labels:

Image 2346

Intuitively, you can tell that the Au1_Plot values are grades and that EAST, NORTH, and RL form a 3D location. Unfortunately, the file doesn’t reveal how the gold was assayed or the coordinate system of the 3D location.

In Micromine 2020 you can add descriptions to document the contents of each field. You do so by using Modify Structure (File | Modify File Structure, or by pressing F6). Once you enter this mode, simply add the description to the last column of each field:

Image 2348

Once you’re done click OK to return to the File Editor.

Because you don’t need so see the descriptions every minute of the day, it’s best to keep them hidden by default. To toggle the descriptions, click the Show Field Descriptions button on the File Editor toolbar:

Image 2349

Field descriptions are a permanent part of the file and can be shared with other users in MM 2020 and higher.