How can I view ".laz" file (LIDAR) in Micromine?

Ömer Onaral 4 years ago in Geology updated by Paul Hooykaas 4 years ago 7


I have a problem to import the lidar ".laz" file into Micromine. Is there any way to view this file in a Micromine? There are a set of .laz file but could not import into the program? Thanks in advance,


laz files can be imported directly in Micromine 2020 (File | Import | Point Cloud), due to be released later this year.  You could sign up for the beta program.

Or you can download the freeware lastools https://www.cs.unc.edu/~isenburg/lastools/ and use the las2txt.exe utility to turn LAS/LAZ into text files that can then be imported into Micromine 2018.

Or you can send me the files, and i will import them for you.

Thank you. The file is too big around 1GB to send,  i'll try with the "lastools".

As you said, with the new version of MM (2020, I installed it) I able to import ".laz" files. Thanks.

When I import the Las file, it's one color. How do I have to import it to see it in its original color?

Not all las/laz files have colour.  When you import, set up the form as shown below.

Then subset (using File | Filter | Subset - see form below) the first 100 records of the output file, and send the file to me paul@micromine.com

Thank you for your concern, Paul.

I should have mentioned that if you define a COLOUR field and it is not created, then the las/laz fileprobably does not contain colour information.  If it is created then you can use that field as the COLOUR field (no colour set required) to colour code the points in Vizex.