Windows 10

Lynn Widenbar 8 years ago in General updated by Peter Ronning 8 years ago 9
Has anyone tried MM under Windows 10 - Microsoft keeps nagging me to upgrade from Windows 8, but I am wary of upgrading operating systems.
Hi Lynn,
I have played with Micromine in Windows 10 on my personnel computer at home (upgraded because I couldn't stand windows 8). I have not had any issues although I not used it in anger yet as my work machine is Windows 7. Mostly I have played with the stats, implicit modelling and digitising (and visex) and like I said there was no problems.
Thanks Ron - how do you find Windows 10 in general ?
Lynn, I've been using MM on Windows 10 since March this year, when I installed a pre-release copy on a virtual machine. I've since upgraded my laptop and desktop computers from Windows 8.1 to 10, and did a fresh Win 10 install on my Surface Pro.

I've had no issues at all with Micromine on all three machines.

The only persistent problem with Windows 10 in general has been the stability of the NVIDIA graphics card drivers. I have literally just finished installing today's NVIDIA update (they've been pushing them out at a pretty high rate lately), so I'll wait and see if this one is any more stable. With luck they have now ironed out the problems.
Thanks Frank - I might give it a go on my laptop before upgrading the main working desktop.
Much better than 8 - but only from a usability point of view, the reintroduction of the start button while a little different to 7 doesn't take much to get used to and it seems quite a bit quicker to start (the upgrade was very pain free in my case also). Their new internet explorer replacement called edge is extremely unstable and I find it crashes all the time but I use Chrome so not a big issue. My home machine does not have an NVIDIA card (some AMD thing I can't recall off the top of my head) so no issue there either.
I forgot to add that I've been doing the usual graphics stuff with MM and, graphics card crashes aside, there have been no issues.

We recently achieved official certification from Microsoft of being Windows 10 compatible.

As far as the user experience goes (in answer to your second question), it's a massive improvement over Windows 8/8.1. It's a lot more like Windows 7 in terms of getting to the start menu, but like windows 8 in how you organise things on that start menu. It's also a lot less insistent on linking everything to your Windows Store account like Windows 8.
Several of us in the Micromine development team have been running Windows 10 for a while now. So not only is MM certified as Windows 10 compatible, it is developed under Windows 10 too :)

My Nvidia card has not been giving me any stability problems, but some of the driver upgrades from NVidia have caused a few hicups.
I have upgraded 3 machines to Win 10 and am running MM on two of them. The upgrade went fine, so well it almost not Microsoft if you know what I mean. MM runs fine have not seen any issues at all. I noticed the comment about Edge, looks nice but falls over and does not allow 3rd party add on's so you can not use a password manager fr example. I am finding Firefox works well especially as if plays nicely with the PW manager..
Like the others who've posted here, I've had no trouble running MICROMINE under Windows 10. I run it on a Toshiba laptop and a Surface tablet.

We upgraded four machines to Windows 10. Two upgrades went flawlessly. On a third machine, a Toshiba Portege, I had to do a rollback to an earlier pre-release version of W10. The upgrade on the fourth machine, a small ASUS laptop that is about three years old, was a disaster. It turned out W10 doesn't have the right hardware drivers for our model of ASUS. The keyboard, for example, was useless. We contacted both Microsoft and ASUS for help, but each blamed the other and neither was willing to help in any way. ASUS apparently does not intend to provide updated drivers for its older machines. Our solution was to have a technician do a clean re-install of Windows 7.