Optimization_block value

Batka 4 years ago in Mining updated by Евгения (Moderator (RUS)) 4 years ago 4

As you can see from the picture shown below, the blue line is pit shell.I have been facing a problem on pit slope.

As a result, the blue line did not touch to the topo. What should I do? 

Image 2158

Image 2159

The extents of your topo doesn`t allow to prolong the pit wall with this slope, you have expand topo (the optimization is made in DTM-TOPO extents for ore models)

It looks like the topo i used is big enough.

OK, can you send me your form set used in Pit optimization, DTM and block model file to eshulga@micromine.com. 

Moreover, could you report Micromine version which you use.