Create Ring I have problems

Alfonso 4 years ago in Mining updated by Евгения (Moderator (RUS)) 4 years ago 6

When I start creating rings, I get this message

"a new ring can not be created at this location, as not drive wireframe covers that section of the drive string"

And in others I get displaced the rings of the point where I mark the point ring. (the chainage goes to another distance)


Good day, Alfonso, could you send data to reproduce it?

Hi Alfonso, I have downloaded your data, made Ring Design active layer and did - Regenerate Drive boundary first. Chose the string of the drive and click OK in Selection Assitant. As you see, after these actions the new rings are added without any error message. You can call me to Microsoft Teams, I can share my screen.

Hi, Alfonso,understand what you mean. You try to create the ring snapping to the point and it is displaced, It looks like a bug, I will show it to coders, and if it is bug they surely fix it. Also will try on my data to reproduce the same error. Will keep you informed.

I have this displacement error,  at the beginning it was greater.