Drape a drainage string file onto a DTM

Michael Tangwari 8 years ago in General updated by Paul Hooykaas (Moderator (EN)) 8 years ago 3
I have a drainage string file which do not have RLs and so it does not sit on the DTM I have of the same area and grid and is just floating flat below the DTM.

Please show me how to drape or fit it onto the DTM.

Thanks in advance

Assign RLs to the draining using the DTM

Thanks Ronald, it worked.

Thank you very much for your help.

The option Ron suggested will work fine if the points on your string are closely spaced. What happens is that each point is 'pressed' onto the DTM so that it sits exactly on the surface. The line between the points might still intersect the surface. In order for the string to follow the terrain you can use the Strings | Drape onto Wireframe function. This inserts additional points wherever the string crosses the edge of any triangle of the DTM. So more points, but a smoother looking result.

Both options are also available interactively (so they act directly on strings displayed in Vizex