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DTM Assign Not Working As Intended?

Geoff Elson 9 years ago in Mining updated by Andrew Esmaili 9 years ago 1
I am trying to use "DTM Assign" in 2014 to flag pit phases as they progress downward and then report out tonnage.
I currently have the 'Clear code field' and 'Overwrite code field' unchecked. My intent is to write the phase of the smallest pit to a code field called phase and then the next phase to the code field without overwriting the code assigned from the phase before. When I run through the macro with my phases the code field only contains the last code ran, as though its being wiped. I have included a screen shot. Am I missing something basic or is this function not working correctly? I think I can work around this by using a filter for code=blank, but I would like to figure out this form.
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Hi Geoff 

What version and service pack are you using? There was an issue which was identified and rectified in the latest service pack which was released this week.