How can you draw Drillhole Traces with No smoothing ??

Katie Devlin 9 years ago in General updated by Geoff Elson 9 years ago 3
The original question was how to draw a drill hole trace with no smoothing. I am not sure what is meant by this or rather understanding why you would want this would be useful. The following comments may help answer the query though. My understanding is that Micromine assumes down hole surveys are tangential points on the drill hole and then draws a curve which fits those tangential points. The fineness of the shape therefore largely depends on the spacing of down hole surveys. It is possible to force a drill hole trace into straight-line segments by using Trench option when setting up a drill hole DB. Alternatively setting up your surveys so that they are in pairs with a short interval between the surveys can force the drill hole trace interpolation function to basically draw straight lines, ie if you have four down hole surveys at 0, 25, 50 and 75m the surveys are 270, -60, 275, -65, 280, -70 and 285, -75. you will get straight line segments if you enter surveys in the down hole files as depth 0 270, -60, depth 12.4, 270,-60, depth 12.5, 275, -65, depth 36.4, 275, -65, depth 36.5, 280, -65 etc.
Hope that helps

Katie and Keith,
I have run into this when exporting wireframes or importing wireframes from software that generate traces differently. The drill holes appear to not be snapped to the wireframes in the non-native program.
I have experienced this between MicroMine and Vulcan. Vulcan has since added the capability to generate the trace in several methods.
The issue is the programmers understanding of what a down hole survey is. The correct interpretation (MicroMine, Gems, DataMine, now Vulcan) is the first top of hole orientation is the only survey that tells you to beginning orientation, the remaining down hole surveys are instances of the trace orientation.
Keith's suggestions of the trench would work, as well, you could try Survey>Compass Traverse function.