Micromine 2018 Service Pack 6

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 4 years ago in News 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 6, which is available on the Micromine download page.

This Service Pack addresses the following bugs and enhancements:

  • Resolved a critical issue where Micromine network licences could become unavailable because of to a communication error with the MICROMINE Licensing Service.
  • Resolve a critical issue causing Micromine licence activations or licence updates to fail.
  • Improved Vizex Insert Mode by making the button sticky.
  • Increased the tolerance for selecting and moving points on a high-DPI screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Micromine would crash when using File | Fields | Split on a rotated block model.
  • Improved the performance of File | Import | LAS (Downhole) and removed spurious errors when importing a LAS Folder.
  • Fixed a Unicode problem in File | Import | Text where previewing Cyrillic text would display incorrect symbols.
  • Fixed a minor bug in File | Export | GPS and File | Export | GIS where exported file extensions were not appended.
  • Fixed a bug in Strings | Utilities | Insert planar intersections where selecting all section names would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where Micromine would crash when selecting Descriptive Stats on a field with an expression.
  • Fixed a bug in Implicit Grade modelling where Micromine would display a spurious error message when clicking on the grade field box.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Pit Design where properties were not copied to the active layer.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Waste Dump modeller where the Auto Load option would display the previous boundary.
  • Fixed an error where GKZ compositing would produce an incorrect result.
  • Fixed a minor problem where interactive editing of a Search Ellipsoid could change the values and signs of azimuth and plunge.
  • Resolved a problem where Block Model Assign could not be recorded in a script.


Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine

On behalf of the Micromine product team