Cut off calcule - Pit Optimization

Alfonso 4 years ago in Mining updated 4 years ago 2

I was configuring the cut-off calculation in the pit optmizer   with the formula(=Procesess cost * PCF)/mill recovery*elemnt_price).

I was calulate the cut off Au in Optimization Setup and I did not agree with the typical Cut off formula, so in MM I put process cost 1 (as the MM window indicates) and price 1 (ounce) and Mill Recovery 100% ... does not give me the conversion factor 31.10348 (for ounces) but gives me = 49.7656 ... why? I help me.

Image 2119

Alfonso ... You will need to set the General & Administration Cost to 0 to achieve 31.10348. Could you also please post a copy of your Defaults tab? There may be parameters set there that affect the result too.

ok ... with those changes I reach the 31.1035 factor. very thank you.