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Arn Rester 5 years ago in Mining updated by Philip van vuuren 5 years ago 8

Hi Guys, Please help!

I want to cut a string polygon to string polygon just like in the picture, ill use the clip string tool but nothings happen, theres any tool in the micromine to cut this polygon?

Thanks in advance!

Image 2038

Are you looking to create a doughnut polygon (not currently possible AFAIK) or just copy the shape of the smaller polygon to the larger one (effectively crop the larger one)? In the latter case it would be easiest to make the green layer the target and right click->Selection->"copy Strings to active layer" on the smaller polygon.

exactly Sir i want to create a doughnut string, and this command ("copy Strings to active layer") its just like copy and paste not to cut....anyway Sir thanks for your reply and I hope next update in micromine theres a addtitional tools for this such event so we can easily cut the string file to string specially in polygon shape. If theres a cut tools in wireframe theres also in strings.

Ann it looks to me as though you want a polygon with a hole in it, a donut.  It is possible, what you have to do is to edit the larger shape by breaking a link, then extend one of the end points to a point on the inner polygon, trace around that and snap to the first point of the inner polygon, then to the end point of the outer polygon then close the outer polygon.  You will end up with a final polygon which has a line linking the inner and outer shapes but it will hatch correctly and will have the correct area.  I tend to always work clockwise when creating polygons and making donuts as in other software the direction of the string can be important.

The image above has two polygons and you can see the point numbers similar to the situation you describe.

Next break one of the segments in the outer polygon and extend from the end of the broken segment the string around the inner polygon and back out, (make sure you snap to the points along the way) then close the string


No your your polygon is a donut

I got your point Sir, actullay i've used that already since my version of micromine is old (yr2011). because my problem on this tricks when I make 3d solid or wireframe using the interpretation section by section it can cause an error once you validate the wireframe, thats why im asking to the forum if theres any tools without breaking a link on the shape/string.

Hi Arn, another option would be to create the internal wireframe. You will then have two wireframes (lets call them A and B). If doing volume reporting you subtract B from A. If doing wireframe assign do "inside A; outside B".

It may be possible to use the Operations/Boolean tools to substract B from A (sorry cant remember if this is available in MM2011). See above.



Sorry I had not realized you wanted a wireframe with a hole through it.  The method I described will not work as you will end up with no end of overlapping triangles etc.

Steve's method is probably the easiest way to go.

I started with

Then copies the strings to end up with this

Note that the inner strings extend past the end of the outer strings so that when wireframed as two separate closed wireframes you end up with

You can then use the wireframe wireframe boolean option (there was a version of this available in the version you are using

to subtract the inner wireframe from the outer one

to end up with

Note if you are using an older version of MM you should try to get it updated,  there is soooo much more functionality.

Hi Keith and Steve thanks a lot both of you for sharing your brilliant ideas...

This is a big help to me...

Hi Am Rester

To create this wf you use the create wf using the Build Wireframe|Proportional length option. Click on the internal string and click on the external string and there you have your doughnut wf.