Importing 200MB Surpac block model creates 5GB Micromine block model

Steve 5 years ago in Resource Estimation updated by Janjan Hertrijana 11 months ago 5


I have been given a 200MB MDL (Surpac) block model which imports OK into Micromine, but the resulting Micromine block model (.DAT) is nearly 6GB - does anyone know if that size increase is normal?

i've tried using the 'remove empty records' and 'import binary data' options but it still resulted in a 6GB file.


Hi Steve. 

The reason for this is that Surpac models use ''super blocks'' (essentially very large blocks) to represent large areas of void. Micromine models on the other hand use  standard blocks (as per the model's block size definitions) to represent these areas.  

For example a surpac model could use one 100x100x100 block to represent a void region with a void volume of 1 mil where as a Micromine model would create 1000 blocks to represent this region (if the parent block size was say 10). 

Surpac's super blocks may seem like a good idea but the actually lead to other block modeling limitations.

In Micromine you could easily, sub-set the imported model (File|Filter|Subset) by filtering out these void blocks. This would reduce the size of the model. 

Hi Steve

My thoughts is probably data were compressed when generated by Surpac somehow, when it imported into Micromine with enable "import raw data" option it become character and numeric. Need to check again with structure file.

Many thanks for the info, good to know the cause of this.

No problem Steve. Keep well.

Did someone have an experience cannot import from Surpac for some block model ? 

the massage that appears is "Problem reading a block model.  Unkonwn format : DummyOne in Field List isn't actually one"

How do we know which field is error? or what can we do ?