How to get Strip Logs starting from a specified downhole distance?

stuart masters 5 years ago in Geology updated by Keith Whitehouse 5 years ago 5

Hi there,

How can I get drillhole strip logs to start at a specified downhole depth?  E.g. I want all logs to start at 600m.

Is this possible and easy in MM2018?




Stuart,  I have a quick look at this and a think but can not see an easy way at present to do it.  Interestingly, I have just made a suggestion for handing the location of hole names of drill hole wedges by allowing a start depth to be referenced.  The same sort of thing could work for drill logs.

Hello everyone,

While we are discussing strip logs, do you have any advice on how to generate a legend for the strip log? I currently have a whole lot of columns including lith, alt, spectal, geochem, however I haven't yet found a way to generate a legend for the strip log display. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi Loren, I don't know of a way to do that (other than using screenshots of each legend and pasting them later) but that would be a very useful addition.

So potentially you could set up a legend in the plot editor, save it as an image.  At present you would need to add that into a saved log but maybe MM can change things and allow a legend an or other images to be added in when the log is generated.