How do I get Variable Search parameters from wireframes into a block model?

stuart masters 5 years ago in Resource Estimation updated by dmitry pertel 5 years ago 6

Hi all, I have several trend surfaces for a folded system that were created in LeapFrog and have been exported to DXF. I've loaded these into Micromine OK, but how can I write the varying orientation suggested by these surfaces into a block model such that I can use the Variable Search option when kriging?



"I use structural trend for implicit model. I want to use orientations of structural tren file to adopt the azimuth/plunge/rotation numbers assigned to each block in the block model."

it can be combined with this demand. Could be a great dynamic aniztropy

Thanks Metin, I'll give that a try.



Ensure that you have the rotational parameters as wireframe attributes in MM.  Use Wireframe manage to add and populate attributes if they do not import from DXF.  Then use wireframe assign to write them to the block model.

Hi Keith, long time no see/hear, thanks for this. Cheers, Stuart

Hi All,

If I just have a MM DTM surface (and not implicit modelling module) is there any way to generate the variable search values to use for the modelling parameters?  

Try process "Wireframe/Calculations/Triangle Orientation". Be careful with +/- values - test the search first.