Announcing the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 3

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 5 years ago in News 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 3, which is available on the Micromine download page.

This minor Service Pack addresses the following bugs and enhancements:

  • Disabled advanced rendering methods for Intel drivers on Windows 7 to prevent thick lines from disappearing in Vizex.
    Note: Intel no longer actively supports graphics drivers on Windows 7, and Micromine is only able to do so by disabling advanced rendering methods. To take advantage of the advanced rendering methods, please upgrade your computer to Windows 10. For laptops with dual graphics cards, configure the NVIDIA control panel to only use the NVIDIA driver.
  • Fixed an issue where drillhole validations did not detect case sensitivity of drillhole IDs and other text.
  • Improved Wireframe | Report | Volumes to output binary fields instead of numeric.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the VXREMOVEALL macro process to fail when run in a Python script.
  • Help | About now displays expiry and/or maintenance dates for ALF and perpetual licenses.
  • Fixed a problem where Scattergram regression line did not display in certain circumstances.
  • Resolved an issue where Centre Line to Solid produced incorrect results.
  • Resolved some labelling problems in Additional Grids that caused labels to disappear or behave erratically in some circumstances.
  • Improved performance of File | Merge | Micromine.


Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine

On behalf of the Micromine product team