Announcing the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 2

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We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 2, which is available on the Micromine download page.

Service Pack 2 addresses the following bugs and enhancements:


  • Resolved a problem where Refresh All in the Display Pane did not refresh shapes within groups.
  • Resolved a small number of bugs that could potentially lead to crashes, particularly with old or low-spec graphics drivers.
  • Added a right click menu for layers in the Display Pane when using the Selection Assistant.
  • Fixed a bug where Micromine would appear to hang when displaying a CAD file with thick lines.
  • Fixed a potential crash when using the Insert Point tool with snapping enabled, when the selected string is not editable.


  • A new version of the Network Licence Server Software, which addresses several networking issues, is available. We recommend that all network users install the latest version.

User interface / Application

  • File | Open now remembers the last used file extension.
  • Provided additional guidance on what to do when offline help fails to launch.
  • Resolved several Unicode problems.

Files and File Editor

  • FLOAT (single-precision) fields are deprecated in File Create/Modify and are no longer recommended. The conversion from FLOAT to REAL (double precision) has been improved to avoid numerical inconsistencies in downstream calculations.
  • Fixed a problem where colours in the File Editor header row lacked contrast and made the text hard to read.
  • Restored behaviour where a column highlighted in File Editor is selected in a sort operation.
  • Fixed a problem where Create or Modify file would produce different results on second run.
  • Added new 'Cut highs to' expression function.

Import / Export

  • Applied several improvements and bug fixes to File | Import | Text related to scanning files, handling scientific notation, and determining destination field types.
  • Resolved a Unicode bug when exporting a block model to CSV.


  • Fixed several bugs related to High DPI scaling of text, buttons, and icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shewhart control chart was flagging incorrect points for Nelson rule 5.
  • Resolved an issue where the semi variogram map palette displayed mark-up instead of colours.
  • Fixed a problem where Graph limits for Natural Log scale were limited to a minimum of zero.


  • Resolved a problem where millimetre and inch width units for Drillhole Log header frames did not work.
  • Fixed a problem where Drillhole Graph calculated a minimum of zero in Natural Log mode.
  • Resolved a bug in Drillhole grade compositing where max total and consecutive length of waste were always disabled.
  • Restored snapping feedback in drillhole planning when placing the collar.
  • When the number of decimals is not specified, Interval Labels now show the value as formatted in the File Editor.

Grids and Images

  • Fixed a problem where Grid | Create would not work with a filter applied.
  • Fixed a problem where georeferencing data was not loaded from world files containing Russian characters.

Block Models and Resource Estimation

  • Fixed several bugs related to applying extents and rotation from a template.
  • Improved the interactive Block Model Extents workflow, which now locks the extents to a template block model if present.
  • Enhanced interactive Search Ellipsoid by adding measurement feedback.
  • Fixed a potential crash when auto-calculating a downhole variogram; improved behaviour when custom chart extents were enabled.


  • Restored missing Slice area attribute to Wireframe Properties.
  • Fixed an issue where Coordinate System Conversion (Wireframe) would not save the output wireframe
  • Fixed a problem where mismatched wireframe attributes would display a colour selection instead of allowing users to edit the field.


  • Fixed an issue in Convert Coordinates Between | Setup where Local To and From coordinate systems were stored in different form controls.


  • Resolved an issue where Grade control would not use density from file.
  • Fixed a problem where Charge calculation would not restrict the report by hole type.
  • Made improvements to Sidewall to Solid.
  • Fixed a problem where Expand String could potentially crash Micromine.
  • Fixed bug when converting an old Blast Design database from MS Access to SQLite.
  • Improved parameter settings when creating a new Pit Design layer.
  • Improved Pit Optimiser form set save and close behaviour.
  • Fixed inconsistent Pit Optimiser NPV results between Report and Results Chart tool.
  • Resolved a problem where Pit Optimiser's Inputs Parameters Report could not be viewed in Excel.
  • Calculation of IRR in Pit Optimiser Analysis now begins in Period 1.
  • Resolved several Ring Design bugs related to appearance of offset lines and drill traces on move or undo.
  • Fixed a problem where users were unable to open Ring Design file with Russian characters in the name.
  • Added ability to use a ring with an incline of more than 45 degrees.
  • Fixed a Scheduler bug where date changes were not retained in the Real Time report tool.


Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine

On behalf of the Micromine product team