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How are you all,

I am about to do pit optimization for coal deposit. And I want to ask one thing on how to select grade presentation of  processing tap. For coal, which one is proper ? Is there any reference paper ?

Thank you



Hi Batka,

as far I know, we are using ''User grade'' for grade representation. but before that you need to setup new coloum in your block model to be able Micromine identifies which one is ''COAL'' and which one is ''WASTE'' - please find below picture related this assign:

by used this coloum that I call as ''COAL", then by using User grade, micromine could estimate revenue for each block - please find my attachment document as well that share about this process.

hope this helping you requirement.


I am struggling with Micromine 2018. If I choose User Grade, 

Do I need to do "Calculation" setting on the block model.

As you suggested, I created Coal column that has value 1. But, I am wondering that, how it is calculated when User grade is selected. 

Please see the picture blew:

if you see above screenshot, if we are using ''user grade'' then the grade or price that will be consider are 'block size *density field - density are been setup in default form.

what i mean by block size, micromine will looks on each block what is _x ,_y and _z and then calculate that as Volume of the block. if you notice I create coloum ''coal'' in the block model, so I could said to micromine, everytimes it see value 1, then this will be tonnage of the coal. if zero then this will be Waste.

hope this answering your question 

Got, it. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for helping me.