Surface Data Validation

Michael Tangwari 6 years ago in Geology updated by Andrew Esmaili 6 years ago 4

Hello, can someone help me please.

I am looking for how I can validate surface data for rock/soil samples that I receive.

I want micromine to pick out duplicate records, cordinate errors/typos etc, just like how we validate drill database.

Please help

Thank you

Mikes Tangwari

Hi there

One of our resident Geo's may be able to provide better suggestions but I would recommend looking at the File|Utilities|Duplicate Records tool to flag /delete and report on any duplicate records in your file.

You could also use the File|Fields|Validate to check for any typos in a field comprising of something like rock codes. To do this you need to check your file against an Check File which comprises of the correct rock codes. Micromine uses this is check each record and flag any typos or inconsistencies.

Another quick way to review the fields in a file is to open it in the File Editor, select a field and click on the Stats toolbar to get a quick summary for the various records under the selected  field. 

Another approach is to treat your soil and rock samples as drillholes by assigning them a depth of 0.1 metre (which is probably correct for the soil samples anyway). Then you can just use Drillhole Validate as normal.

Thanks, Andrew!  I've been using the drill hole validation functions for years and didn't know about the two tools you suggested.  They will come in handy in the future.