Announcing the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 1

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We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 1, which is available on the Micromine download page.

Service Pack 1 addresses the following bugs and enhancements:


  • Licence wizard now creates new configurations when additional modules are added to a license
  • Fixed an issue where the network licence update wizard hangs if the licence server is unable to update the licences
  • Micromine Licence Manager now displays changes to the server list as soon as the list change is detected
  • Resolved a problem that generates a licensing warning after resuming from sleep
  • Added automatic proxy detection for licensing services

Files and File Editor

  • Resolved an ODBC link issue where the SQL query string is ignored while refreshing the link
  • Fixed a crash when printing a DATA file
  • Resolved a problem where File Create/Modify inserts blanks if 0 is entered as a start value instead of 0.00
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to Excel yields different results in CSV and XLSX when the input file has empty fields and numeric exceptions are enabled

Charting, statistics and geostatistics

  • Resolved a problem where histogram graph limits auto-calculate ignores filters
  • Fixed an issue where Micromine crashes when clearing decomposition of a cumulative frequency function in histogram chart
  • Improved variogram workflow to be more consistent when a theoretical model is fitted via the Autofit Model option
  • Fixed an issue where the Clear Measure Distances button doesn’t clear Axis distances


  • Resolved an issue where DTM Cut and Fill fails when using Report by Elevation, when no Cut or Fill volume exists
  • Fixed a minor issue where defining a new wireframe type forces an UPPERCASE file name
  • Resolved a problem where the density attribute in a material set isn’t saved
  • Improved the output wireframes of Wireframe | Point Cloud Outer Shell


  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect NPV value is reported by the Results Chart tool
  • Fixed an issue where the Pit Optimiser Analyse Mode fails to report all element grades
  • Fixed an issue where the Starting Period setting is lost when Case settings are changed
  • Fixed an issue preventing the use of replaceable parameters in the grid table of the Optimiser’s Analyse form
  • Fixed an issue where some dependent objects are not created when recording Python scripts
  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of a new Scheduler project when the SchedulerDataFiles folder is missing
  • Fixed a problem in Sidewalls to Solid (Interactive) where the Height field is always disabled when there are only sidewalls


  • Resolved an issue where drillhole database validation treats all errors as critical
  • Resolved a rare issue where the Drillhole Log crashes when using synchronised scrolling
  • Resolved an issue where generating a drillhole patterns produces irregular hole pattern
  • Resolved an issue where hole labels sometimes appear outside the clipped section


  • Fixed a problem where a seismic volume loads slowly and displays black on high end graphics cards
  • Improved Vizex Point symbol scaling to support scale factors less than 1.0
  • Fixed a problem that would produce gaps when drawing long strings
  • Fixed a minor problem where a Vizex 3D Model doesn’t update the current draw style in the Display Pane


  • Several improvements to GUI scaling on high DPI screens
  • Fixed a problem where importing data from Microsoft Access decreases the visible precision of numerical values
  • Fixed a rare problem where setting the X scale in the Plot Editor Properties pane changes unexpectedly


Frank Bilki 

Technical Product Manager – Micromine 

On behalf of the Micromine product team