Drillhole labels overlapping

James B 6 years ago in Geology updated by steve rose 6 years ago 2

In the circumstance where several holes have been drilled from the same pad, is there a simple way to have the software display the labels without overlapping them. E.g. Mapinfo in 2012 had an option 'When overlap occurs try other positions', but all the settings in Micromine seem to result in the labels sitting on top of each other. I've managed a fix with multiple filtered forms, and different label position settings in each to 'de-stack' the labels, but this is not very efficient.

In the Micromine 2018 release, due in early April, there is a new Direction Field option.  This can be combined with the AUTO location to handle overlapping labels.

Above is the standard AUTO labelling.  Below are the same holes using a Direction Field, with values of 62 for N-7 and 10 for N-7A (0 = vertical).  When a Direction Field is used, but the value for that field is undefined, the location reverts back to AUTO.

Trying to automatically handle overlaps in Micromine is complicated by the fact that we always have a 3D view. Even in a clipped section the view can be rotated, and the view direction can affect the label position.

Hi James, for drillhole names, what I do is display the hole name at the end of the hole.