Creating legends from code definition/lookup tables

Steve 6 years ago in General updated by Keith Whitehouse 6 years ago 1

I've always created my legends (e.g. for lithology codes) from interval data files, using the code values used in the actual data. However, wouldn't it be better to create legends from code definition (i.e. lookup tables) tables instead? That way, all possible codes would be in the legend already, and the legend wouldn't have to be updated when new codes are entered in the actual data set. Does anyone else create legends this way? I'm curious, because I believe the Micromine manual demonstrates creating legends using the data from the actual interval files (as I've been doing previously) but using code definition/lookup tables seems a better way to me?

I have always tended to create my colour and hatch sets from a lithology (or other suitable) lookup table.  That said since my lookup tables are in a GeoBank DB I have not used MM Lookup tables for this. IT would be good to add it as an option in the Assign option under colour and hatch file setup.