interactive compositing

Peter Ronning 6 years ago in Vizex updated by Gary Brabham 6 years ago 2

The MicroMine help system tells me that I can do interactive drill hole compositing in Visex.  However, the help system provides no clue as to where I can find this function in the menu system or the toolbars.  I have been unable to find it.  Can anybody tell me where this function is hidden?

The interactive compositing works on the Interval file used to colour code the Trace.  Just drag the cursor along the trace and you will see the selection.  The results are displayed in the Property Pane.  Might look something like this

Maybe they just mean that you can select a number of assay intervals on a drill hole trace in Visex and the Properties tab shows you the From, To, Total composite length and weighted average grade.  I don't know of any other function.