Line hatch symbol

Eye Sornsawan 6 years ago in Geology updated by Евгения (Moderator (RUS)) 5 years ago 3

Can Micromine add new symbol of line or polyline like the standard Geologic symbol line such as >>> http://www.edumine.com/xcourse/xxmgeo1/docs/defntns/t70101.htm ?

I need to make structure map but I can't put standard line symbol in the program, It will be help easy to read map when I present map.

There is only Polygon hatch and Point symbol, and only point symbol can import from another source.

Micromine needs editable hatch and fill pattern, it is really needed.

Fill pattern dialog window displays, DXF Support, How do we use this settings?

MM Hatch is TTF - true type font file - the file of font Microsoft. You can create your own font using any free application like Font creator and than save the new font in Fonts folder of Windows and it will appear in Micromine Fill Pattern dialog.