How to import TIF files from SRTM NASA

Flavia 6 years ago in General updated by Scott P (Moderator (EN)) 6 years ago 2

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I'm having problems when importing TIF files from SRTM NASA 30 meters precision data.

When I import these files as Grid data, and then open as grid surface on the vizex forms, the visualization shows a weird topography. The picture shows the looking north view of the digital elevation file. 

I seem to recall having tried to this before and found this issues which relates to the way the TIF stores reoreference information.  What I do is load the data into Global Mapper, then export it as a XYZ file.  Global Mapper will look after your projections etc and the resulting file (comma delimited) can be used ot generate a DTM in Micromine.

The root problem is that the elevations are in meters and the coordinates are in lat long - you need to adjust your data and/or change the Vizex vertical exaggeration.

You can read one of our blog posts that goes into detail how to properly deal with this type of data.