Naming tasks while importing wireframes into Scheduler

Philip van vuuren 6 years ago in Mining updated by Andrew Esmaili 6 years ago 1

I am creating a schedule in Micromine.

I have a series of blocks that represent first a drilling process and then a loading process (task). I have created a "Seq" attribute and have populated this field with Schedule|Sequence Tools|Wireframes Sequencing so the blocks are mined in the correct sequence.

When I import the tasks using Add Multiple tasks it imports the Drilling tasks with the correct name from the Wireframe name. When I now do this with Loading it imports the tasks but gives it different names. How do I correct this as want to link the drilling to the loading tasks so Drilling is completed first before Loading?

Or is there a specific process I must follow?

I have a attached an image of the two imports

Hi there

When tasks are imported into a scheduler project their names (Task ID in the scheduler) should correspond with the name of the source wireframe so something doesn't sound right.  One thing you could try is to create a  "Name" Scheduler attribute, map it to the Wirerfame Name attribute on the source tridb file and use this instead of the Task attribute to see if the correct task name is being displayed.