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Michael Tangwari 6 years ago in Geology updated by Paul Hooykaas 4 years ago 7

Can someone help me.

I want to do level plans of a ore body to have a rough understanding of its plunge using Micromine 2016.

By this I mean doing horizontal sections say every 25m RL or something like that.

Please Help



Hi there, you should be able to use the Section tools to create sections and subsequently us the measure tool tool to query angles or distances. 

Measure tool

Why not look at it in longsection view and use the measure tool?

Thanks, I can do for normal cross and long sections. What I am trying to do is to look down into the orebody and peeling off each 25m sections vertically downwards using the RL as my sections.....

Yep, so go to the Display Limits icon in Visex

 then set up the form to something like this

You might find it useful to digitize rough strings around ore on each level and then look at them in 3D.

If you want to be able to quickly access any specific bench, then you can create a Section Control File (SCF) to do this.  The term "Section" actually implies a clipped view, so it can be used in PLAN view as well as Section.  The advantage of a SCF is that you can quickly generate a series of equally spaced (clipped) benches, by defining the topmost (or lowest) bench interactively and then use the file editing tools to generate the other benches.  I can provide more detailed instructions if you have not done this before.

Paul I want more details please....

  1. In Vizex display the bottom-most (or top-most) clipped plan view
  2. Click on the Section Pane and choose New Section Control file and type in a suitable name (say Flitch)
  3. Flitch is now a node under the main Vizex node.  Right click on this node and choose Create Named Section
  4. Type in a name (probably the Z value)
  5. Right click on the Flitch node again and choose Edit
  6. The Section Control File will open in the Editor.  It will contain a single record that defines the current clipped view
  7. Use the Execute Parameters tool (Ctrl+Shift+P) to set up actions for each of the fields
  8. Now use Execute Many (Ctrl+Shift+T) to create however many Flitches you want
  9. Save and Close the section control file.  There will now be a sub-node for every name (Z value).  Double click to display any flitch.
  10. If you need to "fine tune" nay flitch (say by panning to move the centre), do so interactively, then right click on the node and choose Update.

Hope that helps