Announcing Micromine 2016 Update 1 Service Pack 2

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 6 years ago in News 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1 Service Pack 2, also known as Micromine 2016.1 SP 2.

Service Pack 2 addresses the following bugs and enhancements. As usual, you can obtain it from the Micromine download page:


  • Added selected annotation tools to the Exploration and Surveying modules
  • Added ability to use additional grids in a polyline section
  • Drillhole Log: Added text wrapping to interval/event label columns
  • Added ability to apply an offset to Vizex Drillhole Event symbols


  • Improved calculation of horizontal distance when using Insert Points
  • Improved the visual appearance of the status bar
  • Improved Ring Design charging calculation where range of influence entirely covers the adjacent hole
  • Improved Wireframe Grade Shells to avoid creating invalid wireframes

Other fixes

  • Vizex: Fixed bugs that sometimes caused Micromine to crash when loading a 3D Model, empty wireframe type or certain CAD drawings into Vizex
  • Selection syncing: Fixed a bug that would cause Micromine to momentarily become non-responsive
  • Histogram: Fixed several bugs related to statistical decomposition
  • Q-Q Plot: Resolved a problem where chart minima were always set to 1 when a natural log transformation was used
  • Fixed a problem preventing creation of a 3D PDF incorporating a draped image
  • Resolved a problem where the enabled status of Shadow Section wasn’t remembered between Micromine sessions
  • Fixed a bug where saving a session could create a malformed workspace and potentially crash Micromine
  • String Editor: Fixed a problem where snapping points were offset from actual position after an undo
  • Expressions: Double-clicking a variable or function now replaces the current selection
  • Fixed a problem where expressions were not recognised when used as filter conditions
  • File Editor: Resolved an issue where a File Editor operation would fail when creating a file larger than 2 GB
  • Plot Editor: Fixed a problem where the section plane associated with a coordinate grid was incorrectly positioned
  • Drillholes: Fixed a badly formatted error dialogue when creating a drillhole database
  • Fixed a problem in GKZ Compositing that could potentially crash Micromine
  • Fixed several problems when exporting to AutoCAD format: drillholes exported without colour coding, incorrect text height, and incorrect line width
  • Resolved an issue where drillhole/ring design database conversion failed if the database path contained Unicode characters
  • Block models: Resolved problems in Block Model Regularise that caused an “Output file does not exist” error or asked for an incorrect input field type
  • Fixed an issue where an SBM strip ratio was incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed a problem where creating an XML Audit report in Spanish produced an invalid file
  • Implicit modelling: Addressed an issue in Lithology Modelling where automatically added exclusion fields could not be deleted
  • Resolved an issue that could crash Micromine when generating a sidewall
  • Fixed a problem where filters in Polygon Grade Estimate would not work
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a polygon by clicking its filled interior
  • Fixed a crash when loading an empty wireframe type into Vizex



Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine

On behalf of the Micromine product team