After applying a newly created filter in my drill project MM shuts itself down.

Vladislav Mramornov 6 years ago in Vizex updated by Denis Zibarev 6 years ago 1

I've been working with 3 filters for a month or more and yesterday I created 2 new ones. Applying any of the latter 2 causes MM shutting down. More than that after I updated 3 old filters (included more DH in them) they stopped working too: Micromine shuts down immediately after their application. And now I can not even open my drillhole set. I can create a new project and try to create and try filtering in it but it will take me a while. 

There was a known problem in drillhole filters that if you had too many lines on the filter form, such filter may cause Micromine to crash.

The problem is now fixed. Please update to the latest service pack where this issue is resolved.