wireframe assign

EleanorB 6 years ago in Geology updated by Евгения (Moderator (RUS)) 6 years ago 4

I am attempting to assign a set of wireframes to a point file (.dat). The wireframe assign formset is all set up and the solids were previously validated however the when the assign function is run the progress bar never advances and nothing seems to happen. Does anyone have a experience tagging a file from the wireframe and what might work better?

Hi Eleanor. Can you please provide a screenshot of each tab on the Wireframe | Assign function? One little problem can cause an entire function to not work properly.

It looks like your form set-up is okay, so I'm not sure what's going on here. Is there anything in the report file? Perhaps you can give me a call at the Vancouver office: 604-646-8924

Hi! Can you check if one of your wireframes names or type has space before or after the name like 

" WIREFRAME.TRIDB" or "WIREFRAME .TRIDB" Sometimes strange things happen because of such situation.