Announcing Micromine 2016 Update 1 Service Pack 1

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 6 years ago in News updated 6 years ago 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1 Service Pack 1, also known as Micromine 2016.1 SP1.

Aside from the tongue-twister name, Service Pack 1 addresses the following bugs and enhancements. As usual, you can obtain it from the Micromine download page:

  • Charts: Fixed several issues with Q-Q Plots, P-P plots, Histogram, and Continuous Sampling; improved accuracy of experimental and theoretical Chi-square calculations
  • Histogram: Fixed incorrect calculation of cumulative sum for first bin when writing to bin statistics file
  • Wireframes: Fixed a crash when a hatch with fill is applied to a wireframe using Silhouette draw style
  • Wireframes: Fixed a problem where manually editing or deleting triangles causes the wireframe to report the previously-calculated volume or surface area
  • Resolved an issue where Vizex objects remain selectable when shadowed
  • Fixed an error in Calculate Expression where Numeric Exceptions are incorrectly handled
  • Scripting: Fixed an error where Show All does not work when a layer is loaded in a folder
  • Block models: Resolved issues where a Vulcan BMF can’t be imported, or appears offset from its true location
  • Block models: Fixed a problem where Z dimension is not retained when Adjust Block Volume option is used in Vizex
  • Fixed a problem where text is displayed as a solid rectangle in a shadowed section when text labels have a fill colour
  • Fixed a problem where a Drillhole Imaging object is wrongly displayed using the polygon hatch whenever a hatched polygon is shown in a shadow section
  • Fixed a bug where some symbols are not drawn when used in a symbol set within the Drillhole Log
  • Fix the installer to allow installation on Windows Server 2008R2 SP1
  • Compositing: Fixed incorrect calculation of intervals for waste GKZ
  • Fixed a problem where labels are not displayed when the source is a Microsoft Access link
  • Resolved inconsistencies Distance to Wireframe; frame of reference is now always to-wireframe
  • Fixed a problem where Micromine is unable to connect to the ALS CoreViewer service
  • Added new substitutions for Vizex Plots



Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine

On behalf of the Micromine product team