Incorrect documentation in Distance to Wireframe function

donald 6 years ago in Geology updated by fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 6 years ago 3

The Distance to Wireframe function documentation incorrectly states that azimuth and dip to surface can be optionally written to the data file.The function returns azimuth and INCLINATION (not dip) FROM wireframe, not TO wireframe.  Beware!


Yes, there are a few inconsistencies on this dialog -- thanks for letting us know.

We'll release the fix in the next service pack.

Thank you, Frank!  The utility is very useful.

This has been fixed and tested, and will soon be ready for release.

The frame of reference is strictly based on the "to wireframe" direction, and the function now uses inclination (positive up, negative down) instead of dip (positive down) to reference the vertical angle.