Hybrid Graphics and Low Performance Graphics Adaptor

Daria Lvova 11 years ago 0

Q - When starting Micromine 2013, the following message appears:

Image 11

A - If you receive this message, this means you are using a machine with a hybrid graphics system and Micromine is using the low-performance graphics adaptor, although a better one is available on your machine.

You can always check your graphics configuration using TOOLS | CHECK GRAPHICS CONFIGURATION menu.

Image 12

In this particular example, the laptop utilities Intel (low-performance) and NVidia (high-performance) graphics cards. Micromine will be able to work using the low-performance graphics card, however, you may experience the slower processing speeds and some artifacts working with 3D objects.

In order to modify the graphics settings, please follow the steps:

  • Right-click on the Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel from the list:

Image 13

  • On the NVIDIA Control Panel, navigate to the the 3D Settings - Manage 3D settings list item.
  • Press Add on the Program Settings tab of the Manage 3D Settings form.
  • Navigate to the Micromine 2013 installation folder (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Micromine 2013) and select mmwin.exe. Press Open.
  • Please expand the list under Select the preferred graphics processor for this program and select High-performance NVIDIA processor.
Image 14
  • Press Apply to apply the changes.
  • Now, please restart Micromine 2013. You can check the modified graphics settings using TOOLS | CHECK GRAPHICS CONFIGURATION menu:
Image 15

As you can see, Micromine 2013 is now using the high-performance NVidia graphics card.

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